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Find here further information about our Treibacher Cooperation Platform:

We are a leading producer of chemical, metallurgical and high performance materials.

Established in 1898, today Treibacher employs around 900 people worldwide and has group sales of € 500 million. Group headquarters are located in Althofen, Austria, which is also the center of the manufacturing plants and Research, Development and Innovation. For over a century we have remained a leading producer of technically advanced materials for critical applications such as medical, aerospace, automotive and water treatment. 

Benefit from a cooperation with Treibacher Industrie AG – a global leader in inorganic materials.

  • internationally active in various countries and a strong sales network
  • very broad product portfolio and presence in diverse B2B markets
  • get a creditable partner with over 5,000 customers worldwide
  • huge network and more than 120 years of know-how in chemistry and metallurgy
  • strong financial background


In general we are constantly looking for partners who can provide

high performance inorganic materials for industrial applications.

Currently we are also looking for more specific solutions in the fields of:

  • Adsorption and Ion Exchange
  • Environmental Catalysis and Green Chemistry
  • Novel Nanomaterials
  • Polymer Additives


We are looking for partners who have developed new and innovative solutions in the chemical and metallurgical industry.

We are focussing on companies/partners already having a product in place and need support in two areas:

scale up
market entry


These programs focus on scaling up your technology or product as well as on evaluating (joint-) market entry, market access and sales partnership or distribution models.

After reviewing your application we decide about starting an initial dedicated 3 month project elaborating proof of concept.


It is not our primary focus to invest in innovative ventures, though there is a possibility.

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Responsible for Treibacher Cooperation Platform

Klaus Lassnig

Innovation manager

Responsible for Treibacher Cooperation Platform

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